Patty Conklin Memorial Bursary Fund

The Patty Conklin Memorial Bursary Fund whose purpose is to “encourage eligible candidates to obtain further education at an acceptable educational institution. The fund is essentially a plan for financial assistance to help pay part of the costs associated with achieving this goal. This assistance is one of the benefits of association with the Showmen’s League of America (Canadian Chapter) and the outdoor amusement industry.”

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All applications and information required for the awarding of the Bursary must be sent directly to:

The Patty Conklin Memorial Bursary Selection Committee

126 St. George St. Brantford ON N3R 1V6



During 2007 the bursary fund awarded 12 bursaries in the amount of $6000.00. The plan to date has disbursed in excess of $212,270.00 to 435 recipients